Welcome to Inyoshin School of Martial Arts and Tai Chi Chuan


Inyoshin Schools of Martial Arts prepares you to be a spiritual warrior taking care of yourself and those who surround you. When you are at your best you can bring calm in to the world through your actions and interactions. We practice martial disciplines not violence. The way of violence leaves your soul and spirit ripped, torn and in tatters, it is always the last resort for the spiritual warrior.

Mugai Ryu

Classical Japanese Swordsmanship (https://www.iaido-koeln.de/inyoshin/). Ideal for ladies and gents wishing to experience a Zen based Classical Art. Also, for students of other Martial arts wishing to try something different or expand your existing knowledge. There are also opportunities to start your own group.
If you are interested contact D Jackson – inyoshin@yahoo.com
Monday evenings 18:00 -19:00 @ Wombourne Leisure Centre

Tai Chi Chuan

Inyoshin TaiChi emphasises relaxation as a key tool to developing and maintaining both physical and mental skills. Students are taught to “go at their own pace” TaiChi is as varied as the number of people wishing to learn. Each student is empowered to take responsibility for their own progress

Due to the interest in Tai Chi Fan, We are creating another class on Thursdays @ Wombourne. New times will be :-

Tai Chi 13:30 – 14:15
Tai Chi Fan 14:30 – 15:15

We are currently struggling to fit our full curriculum in existing classes. The creation of a new class on Thursday afternoon will allow us to study the fan but also, put more time in to Tai Chi Sword and Staff. Please tell everyone so we can take full advantage of this opportunity. [Read more…]

Meifu Shinkage Ryu

The Meifu Shinkage Ryu (MSR) is a modern school of Shuriken Jutsu. It is a small school of about 30 students who train in Japan, under the instruction of the present Soke, Yasuyuki Ôtsuka Sensei. This school is almost entirely composed of students of other martial arts schools. Sensei David Jackson of Inyoshin Dojo is a direct student of the present Soke. [Read more…]